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2106 “Incontinentia pigmenti in a female conceived by in vitro fertilization” Haller-Kikkatalo K, Peters M, Kisand K, Sõritsa A, Reimand T, Salumets A; 2008 Dec 1;146A (23):3092-4. 3pp

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2097  “Early indirect laser photocoagulation to induce regression of retinal vascular abnormalities in incontinentia pigmenti” Figen Batioglu and Emin Özmert; ACTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA  4, Nov. 2008  2pp

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2089  “Corneal abnormalities in incontinentia pigmenti: histopathological and confocal correlations” Selvadurai D, Salomão DR, Baratz KH. CORNEA 2008 Aug;27 (7):833-6.

2085  “X-linked ectodermal dysplasia with immunodeficiency caused by NEMO mutation: early recognition and diagnosis”
Mancini AJ, Lawley LP, Uzel G. Arch Dermatol. 2008 Mar;144(3):342-6. 5pp

2080  “Histopathologic and trypsin digestion studies of the retina in incontinentia pigmenti” Bell WR, Green WR, Goldberg MF.
OPHTHALMOLOGY 2008 May;115 (5):893-7.

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2048  “Alterations of the IKBKG Locus and Diseases:  An Update and a Report of 13 Novel Mutations”  F.  Fusco, A. Pescatore, E. Bal, A. Ghoul, M. Paciolla, M. Lioi, M. D’Urso, S. Rabia, C. Bodemer, JP Bonnefont, A. Munich, M. Miano, A. Smahi, M. Ursini; HUMAN MUTATION, MUTATION UPDATE; 2008 1 – 10 10pp

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2064  “Incontinentia pigmenti: three new cases that demonstrate it is not only a matter of women” Feito-Rodríguez M, García-Macarrón J, Bravo-Burguillos ER, Vera-Casaño A, de Lucas-Laguna R. ACTAS DERSIFILIOGRAFO; 2007 Mar;98(2):112-5 4pps

2060  “Clinical and molecular analysis of NF-kappaB essential modulator in Chinese incontinentia pigmenti patients” Zou CC, MM, Zhao Yan Zhao, MD .INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY 2007 Oct;46(10):1017-22.

2054  “Extensive cerebral infarction in the newborn due to incontinentia pigmenti” Maingay-de Groof F, Lequin MH, Roofthooft DW, Oranje AP, de Coo IF, Bok LA, van der Spek PJ, Mancini GM, Govaert PP. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF  EUROPEAN PAEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY SOCIETY. 2008 Jul;12(4):284-9. 5pp

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2037       “Incontinentia pigmenti mimicking a herpes simplex virus infection in the newborn” Fusun Okan, Zuhal Yapici, Ali Bulbul; CHILDS NERVOUS SYSTEM, Epub  2007 July 14, 3pp

2034       “NEMO” mutational analysis in a Japanese family with incontinentia pigmenti”  H. Tada, S. Yoshida, Y. Yamaji, K. Fujisawa, T. Ishibashi; NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP CORRESPONDENCE Mar. 30, 2007 3pp

2031       “A Case of Incontinentia Pigmenti in Japan and Its Genetic Examination” Jane Huang, Hiroyuke Kondo, Eiichi kUchio; JAPANESE JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY 2007 Vol. 51 142-145 3pp

2027       “Incontinentia Pigmenti (Bloch-Sulzberger Symdrome): A systemic Disorder” Michel Ehrenreich, MD; Mordechai M. Tarlow, MD; Elizabeth Godlewska-Janusz, MD; Robert A. Schwartz, MD, MPH;  CUTIS – PEDIATRIC DERMATOLOGY, May 2007 Vol. 79 355 – 362  8pp

2019       “Isolated recurrence of vesicobulour incontinentia pigmenti in a schoolgirl” Darne S., Carmichael A..L.; BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY,  March 2007 Vol. 156 (3) 600-2 3pp

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